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Fixed Porcelain Bridges

Replace a Missing Tooth with a Fixed Porcelain Bridge!

What Is a Removable Bridge?

There are two basic options for bridges: removable or fixed. Removable bridges are referred to as partial or full dentures and are described here.

What Is a Fixed Porcelain Bridge?

A fixed porcelain bridge is the recommended treatment if you have one or more missing teeth. A fixed bridge permanently covers the gap created by the missing tooth (or teeth) with a new, permanent tooth. Fixed porcelain bridges are a popular cosmetic option because they resemble your natural teeth.

Why Should I Replace a Missing Tooth?

Dr. Dragos will always prefer to save the tooth, whenever possible. However, whether via dental implants or a fixed bridge, replacing a missing tooth is important for a variety of oral and systemic health reasons. Missing teeth affect your ability to chew and speak and can cause more stress on your jaw and TMJ (temporalmandibular joint, where your lower jaw and your upper jaw connect).

When a tooth goes missing, the surrounding teeth will drift and rearrange, leading to tooth decay and loss of bone. As a result, patients often present symptoms such as sunken cheeks, TMJ strain or chipped, spaced, or cracked teeth.

Advantages of Fixed Porcelain Bridges:

  • Long Lasting: A fixed porcelain bridge can last up to 15 to 20 years with good oral hygiene.
  • Esthetic Appeal: Porcelain is the most lifelike, natural-appearing ceramic material.
  • Function Restoration: Bridges help restore your ability to chew and speak, which naturally helps to maintain your jaw structure.
  • Total Oral Health: A bridge redistributes the chewing forces properly for the remaining teeth and prevents them from drifting out of position.

What Is the Process for a Dental Bridge?

  1. At the first visit, Dr. Dragos will prepare the tooth on each side of the gap and take an impression. A temporary acrylic bridge will be prepared for your teeth while the finished product is prepared at the dental laboratory.
  2. At the second visit, Dr. Dragos will cement the completed bridge over the prepared teeth after last-minute adjustments are made.

Post Treatment: How Do I Clean around a Bridge?

Brushing and flossing must be modified to properly clean around a bridge, and the correct techniques will be demonstrated in-office. Special appliances such as Water Piks and rinses may be used to help flush out the debris between teeth. Regular dental check-ups are also recommended in order to help keep your bridge clean and your gums healthy. 

Would you like to know more about a fixed porcelain bridge and find out if this is the best solution for you? For any questions regarding post-op treatment and follow-up care please call our Fifth Avenue dental office at (212) 245-5817. 

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