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I have chips in my teeth that affect my appearance. What are my options?

Chips are a common problem. They can change the shape of your teeth and collect stains, making your teeth look “spotty” or otherwise irregular. Fortunately, several solutions are available. One of the fastest, most affordable, and most conservative options is dental bonding. This procedure can often be completed in a single appointment at our Long Island or Fifth Avenue dental office.

Bonding is the process of using the same tooth-colored composite resin that we use to fill cavities to fill in chips or conceal other flaws. Once the bonding is completed and polished, it will blend in with your enamel so well that most people will never be able to tell that you’ve had dental work done.

Another popular solution for chips and other damage is porcelain veneers. These thin, tooth-shaped shells are bonded to the fronts of your teeth and can correct an incredible array of flaws. In fact, porcelain veneers are often the secret behind the stunning smiles of your favorite celebrities! Veneers do take longer than bonding because they are crafted in a dental lab, but you will still have a new smile in just a few short weeks. We are happy to discuss your options with you and help you determine which solution will best address your concerns and fit into your lifestyle. Please give us a call to schedule your consultation.

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