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Did You Know These Facts about Baby Teeth?

Your child's baby teeth may not seem as important to you since you know they will be falling out in a few years; however, your dentist in Rockville Centre wants you to know that this is not true. Baby teeth have some very crucial jobs in your child's oral development, and here are the facts you should be aware.

Baby Teeth and Adult Teeth

Baby teeth are actually critical in helping the arrival of your child's adult teeth. Did you know that they are saving space for those larger teeth? This is why it is important they are not lost too early. Baby teeth also help to guide adult teeth into place when the time comes.

Speech and Solid Foods

Baby teeth play an integral role in helping your child learn speech patterns and how to talk. They learn how to make sounds early on from listening to people around them, and when their baby teeth arrive, they are able to start forming words.

These small teeth also bring about an introduction to solid foods as your child can begin to chew. Your child can start to navigate different foods and learn the joys of eating!

Learning Good Habits

You should begin to brush your child's teeth as soon as they arrive. As they grow older, you can teach them how to brush their teeth. Starting good oral hygiene habits early on will help them develop good habits in the future.

Your child will also need to see the dentist every six months after their initial visit. Just like adults, their oral health needs to be monitored to keep their baby teeth clean and healthy, and also to prevent cavities.

If your child is around one year old, contact our office to discuss scheduling their first visit.

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